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Micke Ericsson has already done 681.3 km

Currently at Lugar Cortiñas, 24T, 27612, Lugo, Spain
Latest activity on the course at 17:47, Monday, 3 August.
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Days until challenge ends 27.
Keep up the good work. You are 110 km from reaching Santiago de Compostela.
Percent done: 86%. Currently you average 10.5 km/day. At this pace you'll be done in 11 days on Saturday, 15 August.
You need to average 4.1 km/day to reach goal before Monday, 31 August.

Kristian Ekfors, 42km.se is 50 km behind. Roger Löfström is 47.7 km ahead.

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Overcast clouds and 25.6°C
Wind 3.13 m/s from N

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Sarria (comarca)

Sarria is a comarca in the Galician Province of Lugo. The overall population of this local region is ? (2005). == Municipalities == O Incio, Láncara, Paradela, O Páramo, Samos, Sarria and Triacastela.

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Sarria is a municipality in the province of Lugo, northwestern Spain, in the autonomous community of Galicia. Sarria is the most populous town on the French Way in Galicia, with 13,700 inhabitants. It is head of the region and the most popular starting point for the Camino de Santiago; many pilgrims choose Sarria because the distance from this point to Santiago allows them to cover the necessary kilometers to reach the Compostela. King Alfonso IX of León died in Sarria in 1230 while making a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. == Artistic heritage == Sarria's artistic heritage is primarily characterized by churches, which are essential to the Way of St.

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Fruxil is a small rural village in the parish of A Cervela in the municipality of O Incio (province of Lugo), Spain. Belonging to the Shire of Sarria, in 2010 consisted of 18 houses and according to INE its stable population was estimated at 36 neighbors (19 women and 17 men). Its characteristic horseshoe shape makes it easily recognizable from the air.

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