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Carl-Fredrik Thörnholm has already done 162 km

Currently at CV-125/15, 24526 Vega de Valcarce, León, Spain
Latest activity on the course at 18:28, Monday, 3 August.
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Days until challenge ends 27.
Keep up the good work. You are 164 km from reaching Santiago de Compostela.
Percent done: 49%. Currently you average 2.5 km/day. At this pace you'll be done in 66 days on Friday, 9 October.
You need to average 6.1 km/day to reach goal before Monday, 31 August.

Henrik Löwenhamn is 7 km behind. Neda M Christiansson is 14.4 km ahead.

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Vega de Valcarce

Vega de Valcarce (A Veiga de Valcarce in Galician language) is a village and municipality located in the region of El Bierzo (province of León, Castile and León, Spain) . According to a census (INE), the municipality has a population of 865 inhabitants. The mayoress is María Luisa González Santín. The village is at an altitude of 631 m (2070.21 ft), and the average rainfall is around 622.05mm (24.49 in). The village is along the route of the Camino de Santiago, which brings tourists in the spring and summer months.

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Balboa, León

Balboa (Spanish pronunciation: [balˈβoa]) (Valboa in Galician language) is a village and municipality located in the region of El Bierzo (province of León, Castile and León, Spain). It is one of Galician speaking councils of El Bierzo == Pedanías == The parishes belonging to the municipality are: Balboa Cantejeira Pumarín Ruidelamas Castañeira Source Olive Chandevillar Ruideferros Valverde do Camín Villarmarín Villafeile Lamagrande Quintela Villanueva Parajís VillarinoAlthough Galician names are unofficial, they are the original and commonly used by the inhabitants of the municipality, since the names in Castilian are mere translations of the original names.

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Pedrafita do Cebreiro

Pedrafita do Cebreiro is a municipality in the province of Lugo in Galicia, Spain. It borders the Lugo municipalities of As Nogais, Cervantes, Folgoso do Courel, Samos and Triacastela. Its eastern boundary borders the province of León. It belongs to the comarca of Os Ancares. The French Way of the Way of St.

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Parajís (also known as Paraxís is a town belonging to the municipality of Balboa, in the region of El Bierzo (province of León Autonomous Community of Castilla y León Spain. It currently has a population of 20 inhabitants. It is well known that the image stored in the chapel of the Guardian Angel representing the devil that is called "O Demin" (the devil or the devil in dialect Bierzo), "El Bierzo", Julio Alvarez Rubio ISBN 978-84-8012-652-6 which is located next to the image of the Angel de la Guarda. Both were great respect keep telling legends about them and their meaning (one of them, related to dialect Bierzo, the trnascribe eben the book "El Bierzo" by Julia Alvarez Rubio. The age of the image of O Demin is uncertain, reflecting the very phrase that legend says"(...) and so much!

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Castañeira is a village in the municipality of Balboa in El Bierzo, province of province of León, Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, Spain. It is located almost in the Port of Portelo, and it is the last village before entering El Bierzo in the province of Lugo. The nearest towns are comeal (uninhabited), Parajís (1.4 km) and Villanueva (Balboa) (1.4 km).

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