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Peter Nordström has already done 369.7 km

Currently at CALLE URB, Autovía Camino de Santiago, S/N, 34120, Palencia, Spain
Latest activity on the course at 09:17, Sunday, 2 August.
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Days until challenge ends 27.
Keep up the good work. You are 421 km from reaching Santiago de Compostela.
Percent done: 46%. Currently you average 5.7 km/day. At this pace you'll be done in 74 days on Saturday, 17 October.
You need to average 15.6 km/day to reach goal before Monday, 31 August.

Per Åström is 7.7 km behind. Anki Ekstrand is 14.4 km ahead.

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Church of Santiago (Carrión de los Condes)

The Church of Santiago is located on the north-eastern corner of the main square of the town of Carrión de los Condes (province of Palencia), Spain. The church stands on the main street that crosses the city following the Camino de Santiago and was built in the middle of the 12th century. It has suffered several alterations over the centuries, including a major fire in 1811, which have resulted in a mixture of architectural styles throughout the church. The western façade was built around 1160-1170 and is one of the culminating points of the Romanesque art in Spain. == The western façade == The western façade is made of three archivolts that are decorated with sculpture.

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Carrión (river)

The Carrión is a river in northern Spain. Its source is in the mountain range called Fuentes Carrionas, and it is a tributary of the river Pisuerga. The entire course of the river is within the province of Palencia.

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Carrión de los Condes

Carrión de los Condes (Spanish pronunciation: [kaˈrjon de los ˈkondes]) is a municipality in the province of Palencia, part of the Autonomous Community of Castile and León, Spain. It is 40 kilometers from Palencia, on the French Way of the Way of Saint James. == History == Carrión de los Condes was taken from the Moors by Alonso Carreño around 791–842. Don Carreño took the name Carrión at this time. Carrión de los Condes was the home of Diego and Fernán González, fictitious sons-in-law of El Cid in the poem El Cantar de Mio Cid (English: The Song of My Cid).

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Monastery of Benevívere

The Monastery of Benevívere (Spanish: Abadía de Santa María de Benevívere) was an Abbey in Spain, famous in the twelfth century. It is now ruined. It is about 4.8 kilometres (3.0 mi) west of Carrión de los Condes in the Province of Palencia. == Origins == The Abbey of Santa Maria de Benevívere was ordered to be built in the twelfth century by Don Diego Martínez de Villamayor. He was a Castilian noble from the house of the counts of Bureba, who was very influential at court.

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Battle of Golpejera

The Battle of Golpejera also known as Golpejar, was an internecine battle among Christian kingdoms fought in early January 1072. King Sancho II of Castile (the Strong) defeated the forces of his brother Alfonso VI of León (the Brave) near Carrión de los Condes. It is notable as being one of the battles in which El Cid participated. == Background == In the 11th century, the three kingdoms of Castile, León and Galicia had been united under a single ruler, King Ferdinand I of León, known as The Great. But his elaborate plans for succession led to years of infighting among siblings.

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